Summer Slack-off

With the official start of summer on June 20th, a slackening of parental pressure with regard to homework, instrument practice and other after-school activities ensues naturally. This is a good thing. However, the summer slack-off spills over to speech therapy home practice as well. Summer vacations and trips, sports camps and sleepovers, and generally lazy days and nights interrupt the flow of daily speech skills practice. The great progress that your child made in the spring with his /r/ sound or reading comprehension slows down or worse, regression occurs. Remember to keep up with the exercises in the speech notebook at least a few times each week over the summer months.
Have your child create a reading schedule so he can read the school-assigned summer books at a leisurely pace, rather than cramming at the last minute in late August. Without a doubt, the most regression occurs with writing skills. If your child is working on writing, bring a journal or your electronic writing pad along on the trip so they can write some sentences each day. Enjoying the summer with your child doesn’t preclude keeping up with speech and language skills practice. Don’t let all that hard work you did during the school year go to waste. Have a great summer!