Magic Resting Spot


Did you know we swallow approximately 500 to 2000 times every day exerting 6 pounds of pressure in the mouth? What if your tongue pushes through your front teeth every time you swallow?  Many children do just that – swallow 500 to 2000 times every day, exerting 6 pounds of pressure on the front teeth. This habitual form of “forward” swallowing, commonly known as tongue thrust, can result in impaired development of the teeth and jaw as well as speech problems such as lisping. The correct way to swallow is to move your tongue up and back. It is much easier to swallow correctly all the time if you learn how to rest your tongue in the right spot when you are not swallowing or talking. Locate the bumpy gum ridge just behind your upper front teeth. This bumpy gum ridge is called the alveolar ridge, or as speech-pathologists call it, the “Magic Spot”.  Place your tongue tip on that spot and pull the sides of your tongue up and against your gums. Close your lips together gently and breathe through your nose. This magic resting spot is key to achieving correct swallowing and speaking skills. Practice resting your tongue on the Magic Spot all the time.