What is a lisp?

What is a lisp and can it be remedied?  The word lisp comes from the Old English word ‘wlisp’ meaning to ‘pronounce s and z sounds imperfectly’.  Many children have difficulty pronouncing s and z sounds. Such errors are considered developmental in nature until around age 5 when these childhood speech errors are typically resolved. However, in some children, a lisp persists on beyond age 5. There are many types and variations of lisps including frontal and bilateral lisps. In all types of lisps, instability in the tongue and/or jaw results in an imperfect sound on s, z, sh,ch and other sounds. Speech-language pathologists can assist in diagnosing and treating lisps in children and adults.  With guidance and practice, a lisp can be remedied. The result? Speech that is clear and precise!

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