Future Speak

Recently, I had a conversation that went like this:

” I’ll scan the document and then attach it to the email. You’ll really like that new app I recommended. Sure, you can just Venmo the amount you owe me”. When I was a college student thirty years ago, the preceding conversation would have been incomprehensible. Even further back, in high school, the word ‘computer’ covered everything hi-tech. Today we communicate in ways that were unheard of and unimaginable just a few years ago. Words that thread seamlessly through our everyday exchanges evolve from technology, of all places. We learn to use our devices to communicate virtually and then, we use the language of technology in our conversations.  “Let’s Facetime on Saturday. Or we could catch up on Group me. Anyway, I loved your Instagram post”. Social media gives us new and instant ways to communicate  and provides an outlet for our creativity. Digital natives who have grown up accustomed to the constantly evolving language of technology are eager to get the newest devices and virtual tools and they easily adapt their vocabulary to signify their intentions. I wonder what our conversations will be like thirty years from now? What new words will we be using casually in our everyday exchanges?

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