New Beginnings

At the beginning of every new school year, there are a thousand details for parents to attend to including buying school supplies, filling out forms, scheduling after-school activities, and working out transportation schedules, just to name a few. But just imagine trying to do all that in a new city or even a new country!  For the many families who move to the Washington, D.C. area from overseas, it is especially confusing to figure out the best school situations for their children. Even more so for those whose children need therapeutic services or even special school placements in a country that is foreign to them.  For international families, Washington offers tremendous opportunities and many options for giving children what they need to optimize their education while living here. For example, there are small private schools that offer specialized reading and learning programs for children who are struggling with learning. For children who need extra help, there are many private practices that specialize in assessing and treating childhood learning and language disorders. Speech-language pathologists , who are skilled at diagnosis and treatment of speech, language, reading and writing disorders, can make referrals and help parents plan for their children’s education while in the States. Hopefully, the process of making a new start in the Washington area will be a positive experience for the many families who come here from around the world. 

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