Rest and Renewal

When clients need to take a break from speech-language therapy for family trips, schedule changes or other reasons, they or their parents are concerned about the effect of missing several therapy sessions. Depending upon the timing of the absences, missed therapy sessions are not always detrimental to the process.  In fact, there are situations in which taking a break from therapy can be beneficial. If the client has attended intensive speech-language therapy sessions over a period of time and adhered to a home practice schedule, a break can provide an opportunity for the client to internalize all that he or she  has learned. After a break, the client can resume therapy sessions with renewed motivation and commitment. Learning is an ongoing process; intermittent breaks from direct therapy allow for time to internalize and generalize newly learned skills in familiar and new settings.  In fact, newly acquired speech-language skills should be practiced in as many varied settings with as many different people as possible in order for the skills to carryover to functional real-world contexts and become automatic. Taking a break from the therapeutic process can be very productive for many clients – a time for rest and renewal.


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