Autumn is a good time of year to set new goals. Goal setting is a way to refocus and clarify your direction. When so many of us are distracted by the pull of e-communication in all its many facets, regular goal setting is more critical than ever. Without goals, it is too easy to get mired into the minutiae of life and its many demands. Goals are more than elevated to-do lists; they give shape to your ultimate purpose and clarify your own personal vision. When newly married my husband and I set goals every week Рpersonal, professional and shared goals. Talking about and writing down goals brings to light your deepest desires and gives them form and meaning without which they are simply vague ideas. In speech-language pathology we design short-term and long-term goals for our clients in order to provide a concrete roadmap for the therapy process. Sometimes the goals seem very small, but the smallest goals are sometimes the most important because they provide a bridge to the harder work down the road. Goals provide accountability to both clinician and client. So as the temperatures fall and the pace of work quickens, take a few moments on a regular basis to set your goals, review them and regain your focus.

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