Magic Timing

How do we know when it is time to do anything? How do you decide when is the right time to start a new project, look for a new job, buy a house, get married, get a puppy, go back to school, say good-bye? When you’re a child, your mother tells you when it’s time to do everything. Time to eat dinner, time for a bath, time for bed, time to start your homework, time to leave the park, time to grow up. Getting the timing right is more important than making the decision itself. But how can we be sure that it’s the right time? If we act too soon, we will not be ready, but if we wait too long we will miss out on the chance. We ask trusted friends and family, we think, we plan, we pray. Eventually, we have to decide that now is the time, or next week, or two years from now will be the perfect time to do the things that make up the narrative of our lives. In my speech-language therapy private practice it’s crucial to start therapy at the right time.  I trust a combination of parental instincts in the parents of my clients, my clinical judgment, research, the behavior and attitude of the child, and input from others such as the child’s teachers or doctors. But something else affects the decision. A supernatural sense of the rightness of time. Most of the time therapy works, but sometimes the timing is off. Then I acknowledge that we started too early or, sadly, too late and accept that the timing was not right. Of course, other factors influence the success of therapy, but ‘magic timing’ is so important and sometimes so difficult to get right.