In this New Year, I’ll continue to blog about speech-language pathology topics regularly, but  will reserve the last week of each month for “personal favorites”.  Here’s my first list of personal favorites in 2017:

  1. Food and Drink:   Wissotsky Tea. An Israeli tea company wth Russian roots, Wissotsky packs a punch with intense green tea flavor. If you like green tea for your morning beverage, this is the real deal. 
  2. Reading List:  Belgravia. If you miss Downton Abbey, check out this must-read novel by the same author, Julian Fellowes. I couldn’t put this one down.
  3. Gadgets: Nutri-Bullet/Magic Bullet.  Recommended by a friend just before Christmas, I got one for my husband. Throw in a bunch of frozen fruit and veggies, add water and welcome to a fast, healthy breakfast with simple clean-up!
  4. Cosmetics:  Asprey Purple Water. This line of lotions and shampoo from the Ritz-Carlton has a totally irresistible scent – floral and fresh with no greasy residue. Worth it-